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Which ribbon in publisher contains the picture styles gallery?
a) Page design b) review c) picture tools format d) image design
What is considered to be the largest text text in the publication?
a) Headline b) Title c) Header d) Top
When reviewing a publcation template, which option displays the number of panels in a publication?
a) Panel length b) publication size c) page size d) panel size
Information such as the project author, title, subject, and keywords can be found n which of the following?
a) Documentation b) Comments c) Properties d) Credentials
Which term refers to building blocks, logos, and accents used?
a) Images b) Graphics c) Illustrations d) Clips
What is the name of a single page announcement that annouces personal, business, or other messages?
a) Handout b) Doucment c) Letter d) Flyer
What is modifying the appearance of a publication?
a) Editing b) Formatting c) Designing d) Styling
Which handle is used to resize a graphic proportionately?
a) Any corner b) Bottom c) Top d) Any side
Which publication format offers small, ready-to-be scored text boxes with information text?
a) Tear-off b) Tickets c) Notes d) Vouchers
Which is an exxagerated stroke or serif that typically runs into the space above or below the next letter?
a) Swash b) Drop Cap c) Ligature d) Paragraph Mark
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