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Yo fui
a) I went b) She went c) He went d) We went
Tu fuiste
a) You all went b) She went c) You went d) He went
El fue
a) She went b) He went c) You all went d) You went
Ustedes fueron
a) You went b) They went c) We went d) You all went
Nosotros fuimos
a) They went b) He went c) You all went d) We went
Me duele la garganta.
a) My throat hurts b) My neck hurts c) Your neck hurts d) Your throat hurts
A ella le duelen la espalda y las piernas
a) Her legs hurt. b) Her back and legs hurt. c) His back and legs hurt. d) Her back hurts.
Past tense: Nosotros - escribir
a) escribieron b) escribio c) escribimos d) escribiste
Past tense: Tu - vivir
a) vivio b) vivimos c) vivieron d) viviste
El partido de...
a) The team b) The part c) The game of d) The party
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