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The building blocks of rocks are?
a) fossils b) dirt c) minerals d) cement
The way that light bounces off minerals is called its ______________?
a) luster b) relative age c) metamorphic d) color
This is the process in which rocks are changed from one type to another.
a) weathering b) erosion c) cementing d) the rock cycle
A rock that is formed from hot, molten rock that has cooled and hardened is called a ________________?
a) metamorphic rock b) igneous rock c) sediment d) sedimentary rock
Rocks that form when smaller bits of rock are cemented together are called ____________.
a) metamorphic rock b) igneous rock c) sediments d) sedimentary rock
Words like old, older, oldest are used to describe the __________ of rocks.
a) color b) luster c) relative age d) hardness
_________________ rocks are changed by heat, pressure, or both.
a) metamorphic b) igneous c) sediments d) sedimentary
In what type of rocks do scientists usually find fossils?
a) metamorphic b) igneous c) diamonds d) sedimentary
Rock ___________________ contain information about organisms that lived in the past.
a) layers b) colors c) cleavage d) types
What is the hardest mineral on Earth?
a) gneiss b) talc c) diamond d) quartz
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