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When workers join together to make their working conditions better it is called a?
a) Unity b) Union c) Marriage d) Company
A school above an elementary school that children have to pay to attend is called?
a) an academy b) high school c) a university d) a college
This allowed children to go to school for free
a) The Free School Act b) The School Act c) The No Recess Act d) The Cheap Act
Who built the first successful steamboat?
a) Robert Fulton b) Robert Folmer c) Robert Reed d) Roger Folton
This was used to light lanterns or lamps
a) Kerosene b) Switches c) Gasoline d) Matches
Who drilled the first oil well in PA?
a) Edwin Drake b) Edwin Dracula c) Edward Burns d) Edward Drack
What was a very helpful change for PA farmers?
a) Machinery b) Amish Mafia c) Barns d) Horses
What gets paid to the school to help pay for things the school needs?
a) Taxes b) Tickets c) Checks d) Bills
Who was NOT a famous PA inventor?
a) Robert Reed b) Robert Fulton c) Edwin Drake d) Benjamin Franklin
What is NOT an important resource found in PA?
a) Cotton Fields b) Coal c) Textiles d) Transportation
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