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What are yin and yang?
a) two Chinese emperors b) a type of ancient Chinese jade carving c) opposing natural forces d) the force of evil in the world
Calligraphy is a form of
a) sculpture b) landscape painting c) virtue d) writing
What did the ancient Chinese use to try to predict the future?
a) oracle bones b) oracle beads c) Confucius d) Taosim
In a landscape painting, you might see
a) a teacher b) a child c) an emperor d) a tree
The ancient Chinese often used bronze work during
a) a battle b) religious ceremonies c) landscape painting d) calligraphy
What is jade?
a) a fruit b) a weapon c) a religion d) a stone
What color is most jade?
a) black b) green c) yellow d) red
Why were early jade carvings very basic?
a) The tools that were used were not that sharp or precise. b) The ancient Chinese didn't like working with jade. c) Jade was a rarity. d) all of the these
For whom was the Terracotta Army made?
a) Confucius b) Shi Huangdi c) Li Sixum d) Li Zhaotao
From when does the Terracotta Army date?
a) 200 A.D. b) 3200 B.C. c) 200 B.C. d) 1500 B.C.
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