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Sets safety standards for products other than food and drugs
a) Equal Employment Act b) Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act c) Consumer Product Safety Act of 1972 d) Sherman Act
Regulations that control what types of buildings can be built in what areas
a) trademark law b) zoning laws c) patent law d) copyright law
Makes it illegal to charge different prices to different groups of non-retail customers or businesses
a) Robinson-Patman Act b) Sherman Act c) Clayton Act d) Wheeler-Lea Act
States that it is illegal for a business to require a customer to purchase one good in order to purchase another
a) Sherman Act b) Wheeler-Lea Act c) Robinson-Patman Act d) Clayton Act
Establishes rights to exclusive publication, production, sale, or distribution of a literary or artistic work
a) zoning law b) copyright law c) patent law d) trademark law
Bans unfair or deceptive actions or practices by businesses
a) Robinson-Patman Act b) Wheeler-Lea Act c) Sherman Act d) Clayton Act
Bans the sale of impure, improperly labeled, falsely guaranteed, and unhealthful foods, drugs, and cosmetics
a) Occupational Safety and Health Act b) Consumer Product Safety Act c) Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act d) Sherman Act
Makes it illegal for competitors to get together and set prices on the product they sell
a) Clayton Act b) Wheeler-Lea Act c) Robinson-Patman Act d) Sherman Act
Gives an inventor the sole right to produce, use, and sell an invention
a) trademark b) patent c) copyright d) zoning
States that names, symbols, or special marks that distinguish certain businesses can be used only by the business
a) zoning b) copyright c) patent d) trademark
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