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The Sega Genesis was released in 1988 and was Sega’s first 16-bit console
a) True b) c) d) False
The Nintendo 64 was Nintendo’s way to compete with the Sega Genesis.
a) True b) c) d) False
The Sega Dreamcast was the first console to…
a) Use CDs b) Use DVDs c) Have internet capabilities d) be USB compatible
The Sony Playstation was…
a) 16 bit b) 32 bit c) 64 bit d) 128 bit
Sonic was the unofficial mascot of Sega
a) True b) c) d) False
The Intellivision and Colecovision both had numeric keypads on their controllers
a) True b) c) d) False
The Gamecube was Nintendo’s fourth console and utilized mini CD technology
a) True b) c) d) False
Sega has existed since the 50’s and made gambling games
a) True b) c) d) False
Atari’s last home console was the Atari Jaguar
a) True b) c) d) False
The Playstation 2 killed…
a) Nintendo b) Atari c) Sega d) XBOX
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