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Which of these is a low area?
a) mesa b) mountain c) plateau d) valley
Which of these words describes a plain?
a) deep b) flat c) hilly d) steep
Which of these is an effect of weathering?
a) mountain building b) water freezing c) volcano erupting d) rock splitting
Which of these causes the land to change slowly?
a) flood b) earthquake c) glacier d) volcano
Where do most earthquakes happen?
a) on buttes b) at faults c) on plains d) in valleys
Which type of landform is a kind of mountain?
a) volcano b) plain c) plateau d) valley
How does a flood change the land?
a) It cracks rock. b) It drops soil. c) It lifts mountains. d) It sends out lava.
Which of the following does not cause weathering?
a) plant roots b) soil c) water d) wind
What causes a flood?
a) heavy rainfall that makes rivers overflow b) drought c) gas and ash that erupt from a volcano d) landslides
Which of the following causes sand dunes?
a) earthquakes b) rain c) landslides d) wind
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