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What is an unusual fear of closed in spaces?
a) claustrophia b) dispel c) condescend d) contingent
Marlo tried to ______ my fears while on the roller coaster.
a) dispel b) fanfare c) condescending d) daunt
What do you call someone you work with?
a) colleague b) negligible c) fanfare d) replica
While on vacation, Tim bought a ____ of the statue.
a) replica b) fanfare c) negligible d) claustrophobia
Her classmates did not like Beth's _________ attitude towards them.
a) condescending b) dispelling c) contingent d) daunt
What word means small and unimportant?
a) negligible b) inane c) contingent d) dispel
A foolish of or pointless act is __________.
a) inane b) daunting c) condescending d) negligible
When the president arrived there was much ______.
a) fanfare b) claustrophobia c) colleagues d) dispelling
What is to try to talk someone out of doing something dangerous?
a) daunt b) dispel c) condescend d) claustrophobia
What is a small group that is part of a larger one?
a) contingent b) claustrophobia c) inane d) negligible
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