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What was released as a direct competitor to the NES/Famicom?
a) Princess Zelda b) The Sega Genesis c) Sonic the HedgeHog d) The Master System
Who does the protagonist must rescue in the game series called “The Legend of Zelda”?
a) The Lynx b) The brother c) Princess Zelda d) The Wife
What game is well known for its innovation, visuals, and music and was developed and owned by Square Enix?
a) Princess Zelda b) The Sega Genesis c) Game Gear d) Final Fantasy
Which game was designed to replace the unsuccessful Atari 5200, and re-establish Atari\'s market supremacy against Nintendo and Sega?
a) Atari b) The Lynx c) Atari 7800 d) Game Boy
Which game was the first successful handheld console?
a) TurboExpress b) Game Boy c) The Lynx d) The Sega Genesis
Which game was released in the same year as Nintendo\'s Game Boy, but failed to achieve the critical mass?
a) The Lynx b) Game Boy c) Final Fantasy d) TurboExpress
What game did Sega dropped support in the early 1977?
a) TurboExpress b) Final Fantasy c) Game Gear d) The Sega Genesis
What game is the most advanced handheld of its time and could play all TurboGrafx-16\'s games?
a) The Sega Genesis b) TurboExpress c) Sonic the HedgeHog d) Final Fantasy
What was the fourth generation of video game consoles?
a) The 32-bit era b) The 32 and 64 bit era c) The 64-bit era d) The 16-bit era
Which platform video game that was developed by Sega?
a) Sonic the HedgeHog b) Final Fantasy c) Sonic d) The Sega Genesis
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