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A dichotomous key is
a) a chart that subdivides groups of organism from general to more specific b) a new musical instrument c) a way to understand the universe d)
Which classification contains the largest number of organism
a) species b) phylum c) kingdom d)
Who is credited with the present day classification system
a) Anton Von Leuvenhoek b) Carolus Linneaus c) Aristotle d) Mr. Deavers
Organisms that are unicellular and have no nucleus are classified as
a) monera b) protista c) animals d)
All arthropods have a hard outer covering called
a) membrane b) shell c) exoskeleton d)
Which of these are a member of the animal kingdom
a) Spider b) cactus c) mushroom d) bacteria
Bacillus bacteria looks like
a) dots b) segmented tubes c) thin squares d)
What part of the leaves captures sunlight
a) nucleus b) chlorophyll c) mitochondria d)
Which part of the plant does photosynthesis occur
a) roots b) stems c) leaves d)
Which gas is needed to allow plant to undergo photosynthesis
a) water b) sunlight c) carbon dioxide d)
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