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The forearm pass made on low balls is called a _______________.
a) block b) bump c) dig d) set
The placement of the ball near the net to faclitate spiking is called a _________.
a) spike b) bump c) dig d) set
A ball contacted by a player on the offensive team with the intent to terminate the ball on the opponents side is called a(n)...
a) spike b) bump c) dig d) set
A _______________ is awarded when a player prevents an attack.
a) block b) bump c) dig d) set
The act of retrieving an attacked ball is called a ____________.
a) spike b) bump c) dig d) set
On a volleyball court where is the net found?
a) in the end zone b) northwest corner of the court c) southeast corner of the court d) in the middle of the court
What do volleyball players need to be at in order to play volleyball?
a) good with their heads b) good with their feet c) good with their hands d) good with their heart
Who invented volleyball?
a) Mr. Ed b) William G Morgan c) Jonnie Klein d) Xavier Esquivel
Where is volleyball most popular?
a) Italy b) USA c) Oak Lawn d) China
How many players are allowed on the court for each team in the game of volleyball?
a) 10 b) 6 c) 4 d) 1
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