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Which of the following is not a layer of the skin?
a) subdermis b) epidermis c) dermis d) subcutaneous tissue
what does skin do?
a) protects you b) lets you feel c) keeps your temperature stable d) all of the choices
The organ system that forms a protective cover is
a) integumentary system b) cardiovascular system c) respiratory system d) muscular system
Hair grows in a
a) follicle b) shell c) casing d) hole
Oil glands
a) cause hair to be flexible b) waterproof skin c) can clog pores d) all of the choices
Muscle fiber attached to the hair follicle
a) makes hair stand up when it is cold b) makes hair flatten when it is cold c) makes hair stand up when it is hot d) makes hair flatten when it is hot
Which protein gives hair its color?
a) melanin b) collagen c) keratin d) chloraphyll
Skin cancer forms when there is damage to
a) genetic material in skin b) epidermis c) dermis d) 2 of the choices
Blood clots form on the surface of skin to
a) keep bacteria out b) clean skin c) create an itch d) none of the choices
a) allows dermis to bend b) is found in chloroplasts c) makes hair strong d) gives hair its color
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