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Define infamous
a) disgusting odor b) having a bad reputation c) verb showing action d) silly or funny
a) beautiful music b) funny c) pleasant smelling d) smelly or stinky
Define repulsive
a) annoying or gross b) type of animal c) pleasant sound d) sad
Define diversify
a) Happy feeling b) sad feeling c) Involved in many different things d) Grateful
Define raucous
a) rough or loud b) friendly c) rude behavior d) type of test
a) famaliar b) terrible and shocking c) strange d) funny
Define melodious
a) loud unpleasant music b) hard to describe c) new d) pleasant to hear
Define sublime
a) old b) amazingly wonderful c) ugly d) tropical place
Define cacophony
a) many different items b) loud conversation c) harsh or unpleasant sound or combination of sounds d) wonderful
Define loquacious.
a) too much talking b) a loud noise c) conversation between more than two people d) abnormal
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