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What is mitosis?
a) Process of which organelles and the cytoplasm seperate b) Uncontrolled cell growth and division c) Process of which the nucleus divides into two daughter nuclei d) Process in which a spindle is made
What is the function of a centromere?
a) holds sisters chromotids together b) helps assemble the spindle c) prepares cell for division d) destroys healthy tissue
what is a gene?
a) a large molecule of chromosomes b) a segment of DNA that codes for RNA and protein c) a protein that directs the activity of a cell d) a segment of RNA that moves from the nucleus to the cytoplasm
In which process do chromosomes line up at the equator
a) telephase b) prophse c) metaphase d) anaphase
What is Cancer?
a) mass created by defective cells b) a protein c) the sharing of cells d) Uncontrolled cell growth and division
In what stage of the cell cycle is DNA copied?
a) G1 b) S c) G2 d) cytokinesis
In what stage of mitosis does the chromosomes begin to condense and centrosomes move to opposite poles to form spindles?
a) anaphase b) prophase c) interphase d) telephase
What is a prokaryote?
a) a single-celled organism that does not have a nucleus b) a substance that forms in a chemical reaction c) a short single stranded of DNA or RNA d) the liquid component of blood
What is a eukaryote?
a) a hard protein that forms hair, bird feathers, nails, and horns b) an organism form which a parasite takes food or shelter c) an organism made up of cells with multiple chromosomes d) a beneficial relationship in which a animal lives in another
In which stage does the cell prepare to divide?
a) G1 b) mitosis c) Interphase d) G2
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