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Hannah and Joey are playing outside.
a) playing b) are c) Hannah d) Hannah , Joey
Ian has two cats and a dog.
a) cats b) dogs c) Ian d) all of the above
Grant is going to the park.
a) is b) going c) Grant, park d) to
I love my school
a) my b) school c) I d) love
Zack is not feeling well.
a) feeling b) Zack c) well d) not
My cat is too big
a) cat b) is c) big d) too
I ride the bus everyday to school.
a) I b) ride c) bus d) bus,school
The boys are playing outside.
a) are b) playing c) boys d) outside
I like to eat cucumbers,carrots and lettuce.
a) cucumber b) carrots c) lettuce d) all of the above
My classroom is too big.
a) classroom b) big c) too d) my
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