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At which boundary is crust neither created or destroyed?
a) Transform b) Divergent c) Convergent d) Subduction zone
Ridge push, slab pull, and convection all cause plate movement. Where in the Earth does this force come from
a) The Asthenosphere b) The Lithosphere c) Oceanic Crust d) The Hydrosphere
Continental to continental collisions have created the following
a) Mountains, such as the Andes b) Trenches like the Mariana c) Mountains, such as the Alps and the Himalayas d) Earthquakes in California
Where do most of the worlds volcanoes occur?
a) Along plate boundaries b) Hot spots c) In the center of continents d) Transform faults
The Hawaiian islands are an island chain that can be used to track the movement of the Pacific plate. What has created these islands?
a) Subduction b) Hot spot c) Divergent boundary d) Convergent boundary
At which type of boudary would folded mountains, such as the Himalayas, form?
a) Active b) Transform c) Divergent d) Convergent
Large amounts of stress build up at plate boundaries until the plates eventually move. What does this create?
a) Volcanoes b) Earthquakes c) Trenches d) Ridges
At which type of boundary does new crust form?
a) Convergent b) Transform c) Divergent d) Subduction zone
At a subduction zone, the sinking plate heats, melts, and forms magma. What does this create on Earths\' surface?
a) Volcanoes b) Reverse faults c) Folded mountains d) Rift valleys
Which is the correct description of Ocean crust ages?
a) It is as old as Pangaea b) It is the same age throughout c) It is oldest at the trenches and youngest at the ridges d) It is oldest at the ridges and youngest at the trenches
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