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Verbs come in which tenses?
a) Past, present, paralell b) Past, present, future c) Future, distant future, earlier d) Present, past, yesterday
When writing a verb in the past tense what is added to the spelling of that verb?
a) -ing b) -ed c) -est d) -er
Verb tenses show...
a) time b) color c) temperature d) texture
Future tense verbs must have a...
a) helping verbs such as will, may, could. b) an -ed ending. c) an -er ending. d) smile on its face.
Principal parts of verbs come in which forms?
a) Present, past, past particple. b) Present, future, present participle. c) Future, participle, predicate. d) Predicate, predicate particple, future.
What is a principal part of a verb?
a) The basic, main form of the verb. b) The words that make up the subject. c) The verb that describes the subject's action. d) Actions that are unseen.
Which word is in the Present principal part?
a) run b) ran c) will run d) has run
Which word is in the Past principal part?
a) splashed b) has splashed c) had splashed d) have splashed
Which word is in the Past Participle form?
a) has coughed b) coughed c) cough d) will cough
Which three helping verbs indictae that a verb is in the Past Particple form?
a) has, have, had b) is, am, was c) are, be, being d) been, taste, appear
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