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resource that is endless like sunlight, or that is naturally replaced in a fairly short time, such as trees
a) Conservation b) Renewable Resources c) Recycle d) Natural Resources
the saving and wise use of natural resources
a) Conservation b) Recycle c) Non-renewable Resources d) Renewable Resources
treat or process something so it can be used again
a) Conservation b) Natural Resource c) Non-renewable Resource d) Recycle
natural material, such as soil, wood, water, air, oil, or minerals, that living things need
a) Renewable Resources b) Non-renewable Resources c) Natural Resources d) Conservation
resource that cannot be replaced once it is used
a) Natural Resources b) Non-renewable Resources c) Recycle d) Conservation
Give an example of a renewable resource.
a) Trees b) Iron c) Oil d) Coal
Give another example of a renewable resource.
a) Copper b) Coal c) Water d) Iron
Give an example of a non-renewable resource.
a) Metal b) Water c) Trees d) Sunlight
Give another example of a non-renewable resource.
a) Potatoes b) Lettuce c) Carrots d) Coal
What is a way to protect resources?
a) Watch a lot of tv b) Recycle soda cans c) Throw trash out of your car on the side of the road d) Leave the water running while you brush your teeth
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