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The northern lights are caused by
a) lightning from clouds b) light bulbs c) eather patterns in Alaska d) the earth's magnetic field
Electric current flows through a circuit only when it is
a) open b) closed c) split d) plastic
Electric current is the
a) flow of negative charges through matter b) flow of air through matter c) flow of water through matter d) flow of positive charges through matter
Plasitc and rubber are used to coat electrical wires because they are good
a) instructors b) resistors c) insulators d) conductors
If you hold the north poles of magnets together, they will
a) make Santa appear b) attract c) repel d) spark
Most electric generators make electricity using
a) magnets b) light c) air d) water
If you plug in too many appliances into one circuit, the wires can
a) overload b) open c) overheat d) close
When two objects have different electric charges, they
a) spark b) sing c) attract d) repel
Electric current is the flow of
a) positive charges b) neutral charges c) no charges d) negative charges
A magnet's force is at its poles
a) greatest b) attracting c) repelling d) least
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