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What is the name for the type of plowing farmers use when they plow their fields along the curves of a slope instead of in straight rows which helps slow water runoff?
a) conservation plowing b) crop rotation c) contour plowing d) bedrock
What is the process that breaks down rock and other substances?
a) weathering b) erosion c) deposition d) compaction
Which horizon do you find topsoil in?
a) bedrock b) C horizon c) B horizon d) A horizon
What do you call the wearing away of rock by rock particles carried by water, ice, wind or gravity?
a) frost wedging b) abrasion c) chemical weathering d) release of pressure
What process causes rust?
a) carbon dioxide b) water c) oxidation d) frost wedging
Which of these is smallest, silt, gravel, clay, sand?
a) silt b) gravel c) sand d) clay
In which environment does weathering occur fastest?
a) hot and wet b) cold and dry c) hot and dry d) cold and wet
What is the solid layer of rock beneath the soil called?
a) core b) bedrock c) C horizon d) B horizon
What do we call when water freezes in a crack in a rock, expands, and makes the crack bigger?
a) animal action b) plant growth c) release of pressure d) freezing and thawing, frost wedging
What consumes dead plants an animals?
a) decomposers b) humus c) loam d) carnivore
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