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What is the capital of Australia?
a) Canberra b) Sydney c) Auckland d) Paris
Where is the Grand Canyon?
a) Arizona b) Florida c) The Moon d) Alaska
Where do Maoris come from?
a) Australia b) Germany c) Ireland d) New Zealand
The hightest mountain in Great Britain is Ben Nevis. How high is it?
a) 1,343 m b) 8,848 m c) 4,323 m d) 4,659 m
How was the Uluru formed?
a) By erosion? b) By volcanic activity? c) By living organisms? d) By men
What is Yosemite famous for?
a) For its Sequoia redwood trees? b) For its animals? c) For its lakes? d) For its forests?
Where is The Empire State Building?
a) New York b) London c) Madrid d) Toronto
How high is the London Eye?
a) 135 m b) 235 m c) 110 m d) 321 m
What is The Big Ben?
a) The name of the bell, inside the clock tower b) It is a famous building c) It is a river d) It is a famous city in London
When was the Tower of London built?
a) 1066 b) 1322 c) 1255 d) 1132
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