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Something, typically a process or device, that has been invented.
a) Invention b) Innovation c) Developement d) Fabrication
Introduction of new things or methods. Ex) taking a product and making improvements.
a) Innovation b) Invention c) Development d) Fabrication
Most technological developments have been ________________, the result of a series of refinements to a basic invention.
a) Evolutionary b) Innovative c) Educational d) Constructed
Which is another example of the evolutionary nature of technology ?
a) Computers b) Paper c) Furniture d) Silicon
________________ is a web 2.0 tool that allows you to produce slideshow video presentations in minutes.
a) Animoto b) Glogster c) Photoshop d) Dipidy
_____________ is a web 2.0 tool that allows students to design and create a virtual poster that can be saved online.
a) Glogster b) Animoto c) Facebook d) Dipidy
______ and _______ are the most common formats for citing sources.
a) MLA , APA b) KLA, DPA c) APA, NIV d) KJV, NIV
Different factors, like advertising, the strength of the economy, the goals of a company, and the latest fads contribute to shaping the design and ________ for various technologies
a) demand b) supply c) information d) innovations
All ______________ have effects other than those intended by the design, some of which may have been predictable and some not.
a) technologies b) designs c) materials d) situations
Societies influence what aspects of technology are developed and how these are used. People control technology (_________________) and are responsible for its effects.
a) as well as science b) as well as history c) as well as math d) as well as language
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