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What element is used to make the most widely used compound in the chemical industry?
a) sulfur b) tellurium c) selenium d) polonium
What are most of the elements in the periodic table?
a) metals b) metalloids c) precious metals d) non metals
Which of the following is proof that a chemical reaction has occurred?
a) a new substance with different properties is formed b) a solid forms in a liquid c) the color of a liquid changes d) a substance becomes noticeably warmer
Which of the following is an example of a chemical reaction?
a) leaves changing color in the fall b) ice melting in a glass of water c) paper turning soft when wet d) salt crystals forming as sea water evaporates
What is the source of activation energy that ignites a strike anywhere match?
a) friction b) sunlight c) motion d) heat
Which of the following statements describes a chemical change?
a) a new substance is formed with different properties b) a gas is given off when a liquid boils c) a solid forms when a liquid freezes d) a solid dissolves in a liquid
Which of the following is NOT a sign of a chemical reaction?
a) state change b) gas formation c) solid formation d) energy change
What is the force that holds strong atoms together?
a) a chemical bond b) a chemical reaction c) a chemical mixture d) a chemical solution
Which of the following states that law of conservation of mass?
a) mass cannot be created or destroyed in a chemical reaction b) atoms are rearranged in a chemical reaction c) two compounds combine to form a new compound with different properties d) energy is neither created or destroyed in a chemical reaction
Chemical reactions are
a) classified by the ways they are alike b) classified by the ways they are different c) completely different d) exactly the same
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