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_________ are located in a cell's _________
a) DNA; genes b) chromosomes; nucleus c) chromosomes; genes d) nucleus; DNA
What is not a component of nucleotides?
a) sugar b) phosphate c) base d) acid
What is not a nitrogenous base in DNA?
a) adenine b) guanine c) uracil d) cytosine
What is Chagraff's rule?
a) the amount of adenine equals the amount of thymine b) there are 4 nitrogenous bases in nucleotides c) DNA is a double helix d) DNA can be seen using X-ray diffraction
The________ of DNA are made of _______________
a) sides; alternating sugar and phosphate parts b) rungs; alternating sugar parts and phosphate parts. c) sides; bases d) 2 of the choices
Which bases are complementary?
a) A and T b) C and T c) G and T d) G and A
Replicated DNA is made of
a) one new strand and one old strand b) 2 old strands c) 2 new strands d) 2 of the choices
Which of the following is correct
a) DNA is copied every time a cell divides b) every new cell created by replication gets half a copy of DNA c) each base binds with 2 other bases d) the rungs of the DNA ladder are made of alternating sugar and phosphate parts
Bases on each side of DNA form a _______ for a new strand
a) pattern b) molecule c) copy d) gene
Who built a model of DNA?
a) James Watson b) Francis Watson c) Francis Crick d) 2 of the choices
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