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The Moh's scale measures the _____________ of a mineral
a) hardness b) color c) luster d) streak
__________ is the way a mineral reflects light.
a) luster b) streak c) hardness d) color
The specific gravity of a mineral compares the ratio of its weight to an equal volume of _________.
a) water b) gold c) air d) talc
Streak is the ____________ of a mineral in its powdered form
a) color b) texture c) luster d) cleavage
Minerals that break along smooth, flat surfaces have ___________.
a) cleavage b) fractures c) streaks d) breakage
Quartz is a mineral with ______________; it breaks along uneven, rough, or jagged surfaces
a) fracture b) texture c) luster d) cleavage
A highly prized mineral
a) gem b) crystal c) magma d) ore
A solid with atoms that are arranged in orderly, repeating patters
a) crystal b) gem c) ore d) magma
Hot melted rock...
a) magma b) ore c) gem d) crystal
_____________ rock is formed when magma cools and hardens.
a) igneous b) sedimentary c) metamorphic d) crystal
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