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A procedure that evaluates the work and accomplishment of an employee and provides feedback on performance is called:
a) Career plan b) Performance review c) Recruiting package d) Quality control
What are the steps in the decision-solving process?
a) Identify the problem, determine possible solutions, analyze the solutions, select the best solution b) Determine possible solutions, Identify the problem, analyze the solutions, select the best solution c) Identify the problem, analyze the solutions, determine possible solutions, select the best solution d) None of these
A leader who encourages workers to share in making decisions about their work and work-related problems is called a _____________ leader.
a) Situations b) Autocratic c) Open (Free-Reign) d) Democratic
One trait of an effective leader is:
a) Demonstrates objectivity b) Is honest c) Is confident d) All of these
One difference between an manager and a leader is:
a) The salary b) A manager supervisors employees and a leader trains and empowers employees to do their job c) The benefits d) None of these
IThe theory that a country should specialize in products or services that it can provide more efficiently than can other countries is called:
a) International specialization b) Competitive advantage theory c) Specialization theory d) Comparative advantage theory
The most effective technique a manager can use to improve organizational communication is:
a) Regular memos b) Daily reports c) Regular meetings with employees d) Monthly employee evaluations
When Apple built a personal computer, it was an example of:
a) Global competition b) A new-product franchise c) A marketing activity d) An innovation
Coal-mining and construction companies are examples of:
a) Industrial businesses b) Goods-producing businesses c) Service businesses d) Domestic businesses
A total commitment by everyone in an organization to improve the quality of procedures and products by reducing waste, errors, and defects is called:
a) Hawthorne effect b) Standards c) Vision d) Total quality management
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