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an animal that does not have a backbone
a) trait b) exoskeleton c) invertebrate d) vertebrate
an external skeleton that is made of protein and chitin and that covers the outside of an arthopods body
a) ectotherm b) exoskeleton c) fossil d) trait
An animal with a skull and a backbone; also called chordates
a) ectotherm b) evolution c) mutation d) vertebrate
an animal that maintains a constant body temperature; called warmblooded
a) adaptation b) endotherm c) invertebrate d) trait
an animal whose body temperature chages with the temperature of its environment; called coldblooded
a) invertbrate b) fossile c) trait d) ectotherm
the process by which population accumulate inherited traits; change over time
a) evolution b) vetebrate c) fossil d) ectotherm
physial evidence of a living thing such as its remains or imprints found in rocks
a) ectotherm b) invertbrate c) fossils d) exoskeleton
a characteristic that helps organism survive and reproduce
a) adaptation b) exoskeleton c) trait d) mutation
a distinguishing quality that can be passed from parent to offspring
a) invertbrate b) adaption c) trait d) mutation
a change in the hereditary infromation called dna of an organism
a) invertbrate b) mutation c) ectotherm d) exoskeleton
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