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a group of organs that work together to perform specific body functions
a) tissue b) organ c) organ system d) function
a group of similar cells that work together
a) function b) organ c) structure d) tissue
the shape of a part of an organism and the material that part is made of
a) structure b) function c) organ d) organ system
the job a part of an organism does; structure determines function
a) structure b) organ c) function d) tissue
a combination of two or more tissues that work together to perform a speicfic function in the body
a) organ system b) genus c) taxonomy d) organ
the arrangement of things into orderly groups based on thieir similarities
a) tissue b) classifcation c) species d) organ
the science of identifying, classifying, and naming living things ; founded by botanist Carolus Linnaeus
a) taxonomy b) kingdom c) species d) function
the largest and most general of the seven levels of classification
a) species b) organ system c) kingdom d) phylum
the level of classification above a species that contains simlar species
a) taxonmy b) species c) functions d) genus
the most specfic of the seven levels of classification
a) kingdom b) species c) genus d) classifcation
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