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This is included if something else is included with the letter.
a) Attachment b) Brochure c) Enclosure d) Picture
The main message of the letter.
a) Body b) Enclosure c) Typist Initials d) Dateline
The Greeting of the Letter
a) Body b) Letter Address c) Salutation d) Return Address
What is the line spacing within paragraphs?
a) Single b) Quadruple c) Triple d) Double
What is the line spacing between paragraphs?
a) Double b) Quadruple c) Triple d) Single
The amount of spacing between the Complimentary Close and Author\'s typed name.
a) SS b) QS c) TS d) DS
The address of the person receiving the letter.
a) Complimentary Close b) Return Address c) Letter Address d) Salutation
What is the first part of a Letter
a) Dateline b) Salutation c) Return Address d) Letter Address
What is after the Return Address
a) Inside Address b) Dateline c) Mailing Address d) Letter Address
What is the paragraph style for a Personal Business Letter
a) Right aligned b) Hanging Indent c) Indented d) Block
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