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We live in which layer of the atmosphere. This is also where weather occurs.
a) Mesosphere b) Troposphere c) Ionosphere d) Exosphere
Which part of the atmosphere is actually made up of two layers?
a) troposphere b) mesosphere c) stratosphere d) thermosphere
Which layer of the atmosphere contains the ozone layer
a) stratosphere b) mesosphere c) exosphere d) troposphere
As you get higher off of the ground what happens to air pressure?
a) It increases b) It decreases c) Air pressure is always the same d) There is no air pressure in our atmosphere
As you get higher off of the ground what happens to air temperature?
a) It increases b) It decreases c) Temperature is always the same d) None of the above.
Which of the following is NOT a greenhouse gas?
a) Methane b) Carbon Dioxide c) Nitrogen Gas d) Water Vapor
True or False- Air HAS Mass
a) True b) False c) Both d) Sometimes it has mass, sometimes it does not.
In which layer of the atmosphere do meteors burn up?
a) mesosphere b) troposphere c) stratosphere d) exosphere
Which of the following makes up about 21 percent of our atmosphere
a) oxygen b) carbon dioxide c) Nitrogen d) Water vapor
Which of the following is NOT true of Ozone?
a) It contains 3 oxygen atoms b) It makes up a layer in our atmosphere found in the stratosphere c) It protects us from UV light d) It is just like regular oxygen
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