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The study of the rights and duties of citizens.
a) naturalization b) civics c) government d) refugee
A government in which one leader or group of people holds absolute power.
a) authoritarian regime b) ethnic group c) welfare d) civics
The health, prosperity, and happiness of the members of a community.
a) citizen b) alien c) welfare d) government
A legal process to obtain citizenship.
a) ethnic group b) alien c) citizen d) naturalization
People who share a common national, cultural, or racial background.
a) alien b) citizen c) ethnic group d) refugee
A member of a community of people who owe loyalty to a government and, in turn, are entitled to its protection.
a) refugee b) citizen c) ethnic group d) alien
The legal process to obtain citizenship.
a) naturalization b) government c) civics d) citizenship
A person who has left his or her home to escape danger such as war, persecution by the government, or natural disaster.
a) refugee b) alien c) citizen d) welfare
The ruling authority for a community.
a) citizen b) welfare c) government d) ethnic group
A foreign-born resident of the United States who has not been naturalized.
a) citizen b) welfare c) naturalization d) alien
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