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Why are red blood cells red?
a) carbon mixes with oxygen b) iron mixes with oxygen c) iron mixes with rain d) copper mixes with oxygen
Which organelle is responsible for photosynthesis?
a) chloroplast b) mitochondria c) lysosome d) golgi body
Which organelle is responsible for cellular respiration?
a) chloroplast b) lysosome c) mitochondria d) lysosome
Which organelle is the control center for the cell?
a) nucleus b) nucleolus c) mitochondria d) endoplasmic reticulum
How is popping corn an example of diffusion?
a) kernel implodes b) kernel burns up c) kernel explodes, allowing the trapped particles to escape d) Popping corn is not an example of diffusion
What would happen to an egg placed in maple syrup?
a) increase in mass b) shrivel c) explode d) pop
Which organelle attaches to ER to make it rough?
a) lysosome b) golgi c) ribosome d) vacuole
How much water makes up animal body mass?
a) 50% b) 80% c) 70% d) 30%
What is the a human body's fastest growing organ?
a) liver b) skin c) heart d) intestine
What happened to the mass of the egg in 100% distilled water?
a) decreased b) increased c) stayed the same d) popped
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