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Which is a characteristic of living things?
a) make sounds b) excrete wastes c) reproduce d) walk
What is the end product of mitosis?
a) 2 son cells b) 2 daughter cells c) 1 parent cell d) 2 parent cells
Why are chloroplasts green?
a) food coloring b) chlorophyll c) plant cells d) water
In which cells are vacuole larger?
a) plant cells b) animal cells c) protist cells d) fungi cells
Which organelle stores food, water and waste for the cell?
a) golgi body b) ER c) vacuole d) mitochondria
What does the mitochondria provide for the cell?
a) energy b) food c) protection d) support
Where is DNA located?
a) on ribosomes b) on chromosomes inside the nucleus c) on golgi bodies d) in the nucleolous
What does the cell membrane do?
a) provides support b) provides food for the cell c) controls what enters and exits the cell d) controls the shape of the cell
Cell walls and cell membranes are found in which cells?
a) plant cells b) animal cells c) protist cells d) fungi cells
Which organelle produces ribosomes?
a) ER b) golgi body c) nucleolus d) vacuole
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