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What is diffusion?
a) particles moving from a lower concentration to a higher concentration b) particles moving from a higher concentration to a lower concentration c) particles staying the same concentration d) there is no such thing as diffusion
What is osmosis?
a) diffusion of water across a cell membrane b) diffusion of dye across a cell membrane c) popping chicken eggs d) diffusion of oxygen across a cell membrane
What does a cell wall provide?
a) support b) protection c) support and protection d) a home
Most organisms that you see with the naked eye are which type?
a) prokaryotes b) eukaryotes c) homeostatic d) endotherms
Which process needs sunlight?
a) photosynthesis b) cellular respiration c) fermentation d) active transport
What is an example of a large cell?
a) amoeba b) paramecium c) chicken egg d) human
The first person to describe cells was...
a) Anton van Leewenhoek b) Robert Hooke c) Theodore Schwann d) Thomas Edison
All living things have ___ or more cells.
a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 100
What is a waste product of photosynthesis?
a) carbon dioxide b) oxygen c) glucose d) carbon
What is a waste product of cellular respiration?
a) glucose b) oxygen c) carbon dioxide d) carbon
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