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The complete genetic blueprint for a person is called a ________
a) gene b) DNA c) genome d) chromosome
What should pregnant women avoid eating?
a) meat b) certain types of fish c) vegetables d) sweets
The developing baby from about the third to eighth week of prenancy____
a) zygote b) sperm c) embryo d) fetus
The unexpected death of a baby under one year of age with no clear cause is called ______
a) miscarriage b) SIDS c) FAS d) stillbirth
This is where conception occurs.
a) ovaries b) uterus c) fallopian tubes d) none
A prodecure in which an egg is fertilized outside of the woman\\\'s uterus
a) ovum transfer b) In Vitro c) surrogate mother d) artifical insemination
Liquid that surrounds and protects the unborn baby
a) blood b) water c) amniotic fluid d) placenta
What are the three stages of pregnancy?
a) Germinal, Embrynoic, Fetal b) Fetal, Conception, Germinal c) Zygote, Embryo, Fetus d) Germinal, Zygote, Fetal
What is the length of a full term pregnancy?
a) 36 weeks b) 32 weeks c) 20 weeks d) 40 weeks
A _____ is the death of a developing baby after 20 weeks of pregnancy.
a) SIDS b) Stillbirth c) Fetus d) Miscarriage
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