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Antibiotics work against what type of Pathogen?
a) Virus b) Bacteria c) Vaccine d) Fungi
Infectious diseases are spread by what?
a) Cold Weather b) Dirty Finger Nails c) Water Fountains d) Pathogens
An example of transmission through direct contact is
a) Touching an object contaminated object b) Getting bitten by a vector c) Kissing a person d) Eating uncooked food
Which of these is an example of a chemical barrier?
a) Mucous b) Skin c) Tears and Saliva d) Cilia (Tiny Hairs)
What is hepatitis?
a) Common Cold b) Inflammation of the liver c) Respiratory Infection d) White blood cell disease
Which is an example of spreading pathogens by indirect contact?
a) Kissing b) Handshake c) Sexual Contact d) Coughing and sneezing
Which choice is not an example of spreading pathogens through direct contact?
a) Kissing b) Biting c) Sex d) Drink out of the same glass
Which one is not a common respiratory infection?
a) Strep Throat b) Common cold c) Hepatitis A, B, C d) Influenza
Where do most common communicable diseases occur in the body?
a) Head b) Digestive System c) Respiratory Tract d) Immune System
A network of cells, tissues, organs, and chemicals that fight off pathogens?
a) Anitbodies b) Immune System c) Pathogens d) Inflammatory Response
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