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Inputs are also known as ________________
a) Things b) Compositions c) Stuff d) Resources
Throughout the design process, designers must constantly compare the _______________ to the criteria and constraints of the problem.
a) Solutions b) Values c) Balance d) Weights
A _________________ is a decision process recognizing the need for careful compromises among competing factors.
a) Trade-off b) efficiency c) constraints d) criteria
Time, budget and safety are almost always considered to be:
a) trade-offs b) efficiency c) constraints d) criteria
In the example of a water tower design problem, one criterion is:
a) time to complete the build b) special safety concerns c) limited materials d) that the tower must fill completely
When designers make compromises, the result is often:
a) additional criteria b) a trade-off c) increased efficiency d) more constraints
Identified limitations on the design of a product or system are the:
a) criteria b) efficiency c) constraints d) trade-offs
Identified elements and features of a product or system are the:
a) criteria b) efficiency c) constraints d) trade-offs
Inputs consist of the following.
a) Materials b) Capital c) Tool and Machines d) All of the above
What is the capital of Alabama?
a) Montgomery b) Raleigh c) Tuskagee d) Bismark
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