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A river that flows into another river
a) tributary b) geyser c) water table d) drainage basin
The land are in which runoff flows into a river and its tributaries is a
a) water table b) geyser c) trench d) drainage basin
Underground water forms a soaked layer, the top of which is the
a) water table b) drainage basin c) salinity d) geyser
Heated groundwater blasts out of the ground at a
a) water table b) geyser c) river d) drainage basin
A deep valley on the ocean floor is called a
a) trench b) drainage basin c) river d) mid ocean ridge
A mountain chain on the ocean floor is called a
a) mid ocean ridge b) trench c) water table d) salinity
Water with more salt has greater ______________than water with less salt
a) salinity b) trench c) geyser d) water table
What extends from a shoreline out into an ocean
a) tributary b) continental shelf c) salinity d) water table
As ocean water deepens, it temperatures
a) gets warmer b) gets colder c) stays the same d) varies
The water cycle is powered by
a) oceans and rivers b) precipitation c) the sun's heat d) the water table
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