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something with a really strong taste or smell
a) compensation b) pungent c) contempt d) earnest
serious about what you mean or what you are doing
a) contempt b) obtrusive c) earnest d) piteous
used to describe something that you feel sorry for
a) compensation b) indignation c) piteous d) despondent
to comfort
a) contempt b) reproach c) evade d) console
to avoid
a) evade b) obtrusive c) reconcile d) loiter
butting in, intruding on another's space
a) contempt b) fierce c) obtrusive d) vigorous
a feeling of despising toward people who are dishonorable or beneath you
a) despondent b) indignation c) quarrel d) contempt
righteous anger, feeling upset by something that is unjust or not right
a) indignation b) compensation c) despondent d) luscious
a payment for something
a) necessity b) imposing c) compensation d) acquaintance
feeling gloomy or discouraged
a) pungent b) contemptuous c) enmity d) despondent
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