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The earth's crust shakes during a(n)
a) Earthquake b) epicenter c) mantle d) folding
The bending of rock layers is
a) mantle b) folding c) continental drift d) earthquake
An instrument used to record earthquake waves is a
a) mantle b) folding c) seismograph d) epicenter
The point on the earth's surface above the focus of an earthquake is its
a) fault b) folding c) earthquake d) epicenter
The idea that new crust forms along rifts in the ocean floor is called
a) fault b) mantle c) sea floor spreading d) plate tectonics
The idea that the earth's landmasses move is what theory?
a) continental drift b) plate tectonics c) sea floor spreading d) mantle
The circular movement of a gas or liquid as it heats is
a) convection current b) folding c) fault d) epicenter
The idea that the earth's crust is made of moving sections is what theory
a) plate tectonics b) fault c) mantle d) earthquake
The layer of the earth between the core and the crust is the
a) folding b) crust c) mantle d) earthquake
A break in the earth's crust where the earth moves in different directions
a) fault b) folding c) mantle d) earthquake
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