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Which of the following organisms is used to help in the production of bread?
a) mold b) lichen c) yeast d) bacterium
Which occurrence is a major source of the gases that can produce acid rain?
a) a hole in the ozone layer b) emmisions by nuclear reactors c) cloud-seeding by airplanes d) burning of fossil fuels
Which of the following is the smallest unit as shown on the metric ruler below?
a) centimeter b) hectometer c) millimeter d) kilometer
What is the process of maintaining a constant internal environment?
a) diffusion b) respiration c) homeostasis d) evolution
How many chromosomes are contained in a human male gamete cell?
a) 11 b) 46 c) 34 d) 23
Which of the following is an abiotic factor in an ecosystem?
a) grass b) a worm c) a rock d) a fox
In a scientific experiment, how many independent variable should be tested at the same tim/
a) none b) three or more c) two d) one
Which of these is a beneficial effect of monerans?
a) the break down of cellulose b) conjugation as a means of sexual reproduction c) production of billions of offspring per day d) survival in hot, acidic environments
Of the following which is considered a living organism?
a) bacterium b) mitichondrion c) nucleus d) sperm
Which chamber of the heart pumps blood to the lungs
a) left atrium b) left ventricle c) right atrium d) right ventricle
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