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An example of a physical property is _____.
a) flammability b) color c) acidic d) ability to rust
When you observe a physical property, the substance_____.
a) changes b) melts c) burns d) does not change
What is not a physical property of paper?
a) It's white b) It's flat c) It's smooth d) It burns
Color and shape describe the ______ of matter.
a) chemical properties b) feel c) appearance d) chemistry
Mass and Volume depend on the ______ of matter present.
a) flammability b) physical properties c) amount d) chemical properties
What does denisty measure?
a) volume per unit mass b) matter per unit weight c) weight per unit matter d) mass per unit volume
Magnetism is an example of a property of ______.
a) behavior b) mass c) flammability d) chemistry
When you observe a chemical property, the substance _______.
a) remains the same b) changes c) burns d) melts
An example of a chemical property is ________.
a) ability to burn b) density c) mass d) color
When sandpaper smooths a piece of wood, this is an example of a _______.
a) chemical change b) change of matter c) change of state d) physical change
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