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This is the most commonly abused illegal drug in the world:
a) Cocaine b) Prescription Pills c) Marijuana d) Heroin
This is the part of the brain that controls appetite and causes marijuana users to have the munchies
a) Pre-frontal cortex b) Hippocampus c) Hypothalamus d) Limbic system
This is the chemical that causes the high in marijuana:
a) THC b) Nitosomine c) Carcinogen d) Nicotine
Marijuana is classified as a:
a) Depressant b) Stimulant c) Hallucinogen d) All of the above
Marijuana use is increasing.
a) True b) False c) d)
Marijuana users usually move on to other more hard core drugs and this is why marijuana is commonly called a:
a) Simple Drug b) Gateway drug c) Harmless Drug d) None of the above
Marijuana is physically addictive
a) True b) False c) d)
This is a form of marijuana that is more pure and is made up of THC resin. It often looks like chocolate.
a) THC b) Sativa c) Cannabis d) Hash
This is the portion of the brain that controls short term memory and is affected by marijuana:
a) Hypothalamus b) Hippocampus c) Serotonin d) Dopamine
What percentage of teenagers have used marijuana at least once?
a) 12 percent b) 98 percent c) 54 percent d) 25 percent
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