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In geographical terms , the land of Greece is a large ___________________.
a) peninsula b) island c) isthmus d) continent
A government in which on a few people have power is called a ____________.
a) oligarchy b) monarchy c) democracy d) tyrant
What does democracy mean?
a) rule of the few b) rule of the leaders c) rule of the people d) rule of the powerful
Which of the following best describes a lyric poem?
a) a poem set to music b) a poem about Greek heroes c) a poem that teaches life's lessons d) a poem that explains natural events
A Greek famous for his fables was _____________.
a) Aesop b) Pericles c) Homer d) Socrates
A leader who uses force to hold power is a ______________.
a) tyrant b) king c) senator d) hero
A high hill that often has a fortress on its top is a(n) _________________.
a) acropolis b) Parthenon c) polis d) city-state
People who have the right to participate in government are ____________
a) citizens b) slaves c) aristocrats d) woman
Rich landowners were known as _____________.
a) aritocrats b) monarchs c) serfs d) democrats
An age marked by great achievements is known as a ______________age.
a) classical b) dark c) stone d) new
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