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When saving an existing document to a different place and file name, use ________.
a) Save b) Save as c) New d) Rename
To change the typeover feature you select the _________ key.
a) Scroll Lock b) Shift + T c) Delete d) Insert
Default means:
a) The document already exists b) Original settings c) A virus in your program d) You messed up
The shortcut keys to move the cursor to the beginning of the document are ____________.
a) Home b) Ctrl + home c) Alt + home d) Page up
At the end of each sentence there are ___________ spaces after the punctuation mark.
a) One b) Two c) Three d) None
Business Letters- A Colon after the salutation and a Comma after the closing, your punctuation is ________________.
a) Open b) Mixed c) Complete d) Correct
When sending a "COPY" of a Letter or Memo what Special Notation is used?
a) Attachment b) bc or cc c) Enclosure d) Reference initials
To erase a character to the left you would use ___________.
a) Backspace b) Delete c) Ctrl + x d) Esc
To get to the end of a document, you would use ___________.
a) End b) Ctrl + end c) Down Arrow d) Pg down
To select a word with your mouse
a) Double click b) Triple click c) Ctrl + A d) Click and hold for 4 seconds
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