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Agricultural products include
a) buildings, food, fiber and fuel b) food, fiber, fuel and chemicals c) fiber, food, chemicals and clothing d) buildings, clothing, food and fuel
Agricultural businesses must do three things
a) produce, process and market b) process, manufacture, market c) manufacture, distribute and market d) produce, process and distribute
The role of transportation in other industries such as agriculture is
a) vital b) very important c) somewhat important d) not important
When designing solutions to technological problems, engineers use the
a) scientific method b) scientific design theory c) engineering design process d) technological theory of design
What type of resource are crops grown on a farm?
a) exhaustible b) renewable c) non renewable d) reusable
Agriculture can help the transportation industry reduce its dependency on foreign energy sources by
a) hiring cowboys to herd cattle to the stockyards b) not shipping produce cross country c) providing more milk to transport to the creamery d) producing grain for bio-fuels
This transportation system is designed to move grain harvested into silos or storage bins and may or may not include stations for drying and cleaning of the grain prior to storage.
a) Grain Elevator b) Combine c) Stalker d) Conveyors
________________ are used in a variety of industries, but specifically utilized in agriculture to move products in and out of storage facilities.
a) Conveyors b) Trucks c) Simulators d) Combine
The crop is cut and directed into a rotating chamber with a series of beaters rotating in opposite directions. This is done using which of the following?
a) Husker b) Combine c) Tractor d) Gardening Tool
Transporation systems includes four types of transportation. Which is true?
a) Land, Air, Water, Space b) Land, Air, Space, Boat c) Car, Train, Boat, Air Plane d) Air, Land, Water, Solar
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