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Who attacked the US in 2001?
a) Zionists b) Kurds c) al-Qaeda d) Palestinian Arabs
Which of the following best describes the lifestyles of people in the region?
a) mostly rural with poor living conditions b) wealthy and poor, mostly urban c) mostly wealthy and city dwellers d) wealthy farm communities
A government led by religious leaders is called a
a) covenant b) prophet c) caliph d) theocracy
Wedge-shaped writing made with reeds on clay tablets is called
a) cuneiform b) hieroglyphics c) calligraphy d) picture writing
Islam expanded into Asia, North Africa, and parts of Europe under
a) Muhammad b) the caliphs c) Mongol invaders d) the Ottoman Kurds
Muslim merchants developed
a) astronomy b) calligraphy c) banking d) Arabic numerals
Which of these religions first spread to Europe and then around the world?
a) Christianity b) Judaism c) Buddhism d) Islam
What caused the breakup of the Ottoman Empire?
a) the spread of Christianity b) the rise of Islam c) its defeat in WWI d) the Romans
In 1948 Jews set up Israel in their part of
a) Iraq b) Saudi Arabia c) Turkey d) Palestine
The main language of Southwest Asia is
a) Farsi b) Hebrew c) Arabic d) English
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