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_____ important to study for tests.
a) It\'s b) c) d) Its
Our family had ____ picture taken today.
a) it\'s b) c) d) its
The cat lost ____ toy today.
a) its b) c) d) it\'s
___ are not enough desks for everyone.
a) There b) c) They\'re d) Their
Please don\'t leave your books _____.
a) their b) c) they\'re d) there
_____ team is the state champion.
a) There b) c) They\'re d) Their
_____ are only 20 questions on this test.
a) Their b) c) There d) They\'re
When will ____ parents get home from work?
a) you\'re b) c) your d) yours
____ books are on the desk?
a) Who\'s b) c) Whose d) Whos
Is that book ____ ?
a) mines b) c) d) mine
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