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The smallest unit of life
a) DNA b) cell c) organ system d) gene
Which is NOT part of the cell theory
a) cells spontaneously generate b) the cell is the basic unit of life c) all living thing are made of one or more cells d) all cells come from existing cells
A group of cells working together is called a ....
a) organ b) organism c) tissue d) organ system
The scientists who first described microscopic organisms in pond water
a) Virchow b) Schleiden c) Hooke d) Leeuwenhoek
The structure in all cells that is essential to maintain homestasis by selecting what goes in or out
a) cell membrane b) nucleus c) cytoplasm d) lysosomes
This cell has loose DNA within it
a) plant cell b) animal cell c) bacteria cell d) fungi cell
Scientist who found all parts of the plant had similar cells, and found similar cells in all plants.
a) Virchow b) Schleiden c) Schwann d) Hooke
Prokaryotes, unlike eukaryotes, do not have...
a) bacteria b) organelle c) DNA d) nucleus
The fluid mixture in all cells
a) chloroplast b) cytoplasm c) chlorophyll d) water
This contains the instructions for making new cells
a) cell membrane b) cytoplasm c) organelle d) DNA
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